After much consultation, collaboration & some hilarious feedback, the MOBOPOLY game rules have been established for MOB Byron Bay Sevens Tour 2014.

This is the pilot so it will be an interesting test. We aim to keep them simple and the key is that all tourists read and be aware of the rules. Ignorance is not an excuse.


1. Each tourist must nominate & provide a monopoly piece and carry it on them at all times. Periodic checks will be performed

2. At the beginning of the tour, a random draw will take place where each tourist is awarded 2 places on the board which they “own” for the duration of the tour. Property cards will be allocated to the owner on arrival and carried at all times. Anyone who lands on this place in the presence of the owner pays rent in the form of buying them 1 drink or perform 1 relevant task requested by the owner.

3. There will be 4 designated MOBOPOLY game times where each tourist must role the dice. A MOBOPOLY Board or (in the event of damage, loss etc) playing jersey will be used.
– the Northern Friday afternoon
– Bowlo Saturday afternoon
– Rugby Fields Saturday afternoon
– Beach Hotel Sunday afternoon

4. Pub “owners” get to nominate the first drink every tourist must have at their venue.

5. During each round of gameplay there will be ten minutes of Awesome’s Monopoly piece sound idea. Timing will start and end on the Tour Captain’s call.

6. Each rookie (x3) will have to carry an iron for 6 hours during the day


– 15 minutes of bar service for all MOB at the venue
– Get a photo of a Community Chest within 2 hours and drink for free
– Go to the Pie Shop. Go directly to the Pie Shop. Do not pass a bar. Do not collect another drink til you’ve eaten a pie.
– Go to Gaol. Go directly to Gaol. Get a photo of it and bail Geezer out if he’s there.
– Drink a shot of something
– Drink a spirit with milk then collect $1 off the five closest MOB numbers
– Your next beer is a middy of light


– Ask a backpacker for directions
– Sing the team song
– Drop & give us 20
– Finish your drink now. Get another and finish it immediately.
– Roll the dice again
– You must play the full first half in your next match