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A look at how MOB’s playing strip and off-field attire has evolved over the years

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From its humble beginnings as a Wests jersey, the M.O.B. playing strip has evolved into a unique and dynamic beast. One element remains constant: Poo And Wee.

Each year the playing strip design is a mystery to the vast majority of tourists until it is ceremoniously revealed on the Friday evening of the Byron event.

Playing number on your jersey is your M.O.B. number, which is allocated to you when you first join and remains with you for life. Read more about M.O.B. numbers here.

The playing strip is complemented by off field attire, typically in the form of a brown wife-beater singlet.

M.O.B. Kit Design History

2019: 21st Birthday

A true milestone – MOB’s coming of age celebration.

2018: MOBtoberfest

It had been a long time coming. We visited the beer halls of Byron Bay and dressed appropriately, MOB stein in hand.

2017: MOB Vegas

What better way to continue a trend of all-inclusive tour kit and themed activities, than to incorporate casino games such as poker, craps, and the old favourite chocolate wheel. Nothing – I mean, everything – was left to chance, with tourists required to carry two dice at all times. The dice were rolled on each trip to the bar to determine what you were drinking. This deteriorated over the course of the tour, with the dice deciding basically everything you do.  

2016: The MOBlympics

2016 was an Olympic year, and the first time Rugby Sevens has been at the games. So MOB felt it was fitting to create a kit that emulated our Aussie Sevens heroes, paying homage to the great game and sharp threads they were sporting in Rio. Of course ours was better than Australia’s because we had beer on ours.

2015: The MOB World Cup

The 2015 Rugby World Cup happened to coincide with the Byron Bay Sevens, so MOB created a fitting tribute with the playing kit and entire tour theme including a range of activities to celebrate. Although MOB was not victorious, Rugby was definitely the winner on the day.


Like Monopoloy, only waayyy more fun. We took kit design one step further and created an entire tour theme with activities included – a Byron Bay version of Monopoly, except a drinking game with all sorts of interesting challenges that shall not be reported outside the sanctity of the touring group.

2013: Cam-MOB-flage

We assume the MOB identity each October, masked by our camouflage. So this year we wore it – a camo print comprising four elements of the MOB crest: Footy, Song, Beer and Boobs.

2012: V8 SuperMOB

Nothing says west of Sydney better than a V8 Supercar. This was our tribute to the bogan muscle of a V8.

2011: Wild Wild West

Gun-slingin’ sheriffs from the Wild Wild West of Sydney

2010: Westies aka FlannoMOB

Showcasing our Western Sydney heritage – a poo & wee flannelette shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a packet of Winnie Reds tucked in. We completed this outfit with a sublimated denim print short and odd footy socks. Players received a pair of UWS Macarthur blue/green & white socks and were required to wear one of these with another random footy sock.

2009: Chippendales

A jersey indicative of the ripped MOB physique that lies beneath. Complete with poo & wee bow tie, MOB crest pinned on bare chest and back tattoo.

2008: Pinstripe suit

The gentlemen of MOB came to Byron with an outfit for all occasions; taking the off-field sophistication of a pinstripe suit to their on-field attire. This provided both fashion and function, meaning we never had to change, so could pack light with only our playing strip, comb and Brylcreem (and avoid the $15 extra for checked baggage with the airlines).

2007: Aussie Rules

Such a good idea that we gave it a second run. That and the fact that we could behave badly and people simply thought we were Hawthorn AFL club.

2006: Aussie Rules

So many similarities between MOB and an elite AFL team: the colours and um…the colours. Well at least it meant that if we were losing at rugby we could win at Aussie Rules (except we lost at that too).

2005: Broncos

A poo & wee version of the Brisbane Broncos strip of the time, with MOB enjoying similar on-field success and off-field notoriety as their northern mungo counterparts.





2002: Black & White


2001: Black & White