The dice are rolling, the cards have been shuffled and you’ve all placed your bets on this year’s MOB Vegas casino themed tour activities.

Firstly, the main rule of the tour is that all players must have two dice on them at all times throughout the tour. This will help you make decisions, both on and off the field. When someone calls dice, those that do not have them in their possession must drop and do 20 pushups.

Now let’s go all in…

1. Casino Night

When: Friday afternoon, 4pm-7pm

Main event is Texas Hold ‘em Poker
$20 buy in
Round 1 is 4 tables
Round 2 is winners from each table
1st prize $100
2nd prize $50
Rest goes into kitty

Other events for those eliminated from poker: Chocolate Wheel and CasiMOB War. See below rules of these events.

2. Slots Challenge

When: Friday before 7pm

A pokie challenge to raise funds for group costs.
Each player puts $10 in a pokie machine playing by themselves and any win has to be gambled at least once!
Keep playing till you lose all your money or you get to $50 and take it out and goes to the kitty.
After everyone has a go the winner will get a portion of the kitty to be determined on the amount of the winnings!
If several people add $50 or more to the kitty the winner will be determined by how many gamble wins u had in getting there!

3. Shot Roulette

When: At least once a day Friday Saturday, Sunday.

Yes, we found a roulette game that spins and has shot glasses

4. MOB Craps

When: Before you order every drink during the weekend

Roll one dice when you’re going to the bar.
1. Middy
2. Schooner
3. Bottled
4. Single shot
5. Double shot
6. Something special – Your pick

5. CasiMOB War

1. Friday during casino night. Each rookie must take a turn at being dealer
2. After each game. Man of the Match is dealer. This includes Sunday

A dealer is designated and is responsible for calling WAR throughout his allotted period… Those present play. Should you beat the dealer, no punishment. Should you lose to the dealer, you are punished. Should the dealer lose, dealer is punished. All those who lose that round must complete their punishment together. If a dealer goes more than an hour without calling WAR, any tourist may call it and the dealer has to deal.

6. Chocolate Wheel of Death


1. Friday during casino night. Each rookie must take a turn at being dealer
2. Any other time that feels right.

Spin the wheel and see what challenge it lands on. Gamble if you dare.

This event has huge potential to include celebrity / guest players and gambling. Please submit your ideas on challenge options to include on the Chocolate Wheel.

Rookies are responsible for transport of the chocolate wheel.

So there you have it! Are you feeling lucky?