MOBlympics: MOBern Pentathlon


Points are awarded based on placings in each event. In each event a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal are awarded. Points are tallied at end of 5 events with winner being the MOBlympic champion. Activities are based around 16 players due to various travel schedules but where there are fewer or more players we’ll adapt groupings accordingly.

Position Points
1st 16
2nd 15
3rd 14
4th 13
5th 12
6th 11
7th 10
8th 9
9th 8
10th 7
11th 6
12th 5
13th 4
14th 3
15th 2
16th 1
17th 0

MOBern Pentathlon

Event 1: Shooting

Classification: Individual

Location: Aquarius backpackers

When: Friday afternoon

Description: 4 player Buck Hunter. Players are drawn into groups of 4. Highest Score wins the round. Top 4 players go into Gold Medal match.

Event 2: Weightlifting

Classification: Individual

Location: Beach or KK location

When: Friday afternoon or before KK on Saturday evening

Description: In groups of 4 players are to hold a six pack in each hand, horizontally to the side (think Jesus at Easter. Palms must be facing down. If angle drops below 90 degrees you are out. Players are timed on how long they can maintain the six pack in position. Points are awarded based on time.

Event 3: Beer Pong

Classification: Teams of 2

When: Friday afternoon/evening

Where: Hostel

Description: Players are allocated in pairs. 4 cup beer pong. 4 round matches. Quick Fire rules will apply. Winner proceed to semis. Semi winners proceed to final. Gold, Silver and equal bronze awarded for semi losers.

Event 4: Swimming

Classification: Teams of 4

When: Saturday

Where: Hostel or Beach

Description: Medley relay. Two teams race at a time. 4 swimming legs – backstroke breaststroke butterfly freestyle. Each leg is accompanied by a drink to be skulled BEFORE the swim leg: Beer, Cider, Red Wine and Rum. Two heats. Losers race each other, then winners race each other.

Event 5: 4 x 1 Litre Relay

Classification: Teams of 4

When: Saturday afternoon

Where: Footy Field

Description: on the rugby field, each leg must complete the following:

  1. Spin around 10 times
  2. Skull a throwdown
  3. Run 50m
  4. Drop and do 10 burpees
  5. Skull a cup of milk
  6. At 22m kick the footy to your teammate

When 2nd player catches the ball he must place it and spin around before getting underway.

Final leg must complete a chip and chase to himself in the second 50m before crossing the finish line.

Two heats. Losers race each other, then winners race each other.

Tour challenges & activities

  • Accreditation must be worn at all times during daytime activities (except on the field)
  • A country will be allocated to each player during the Friday morning. Players will be required to sing their national anthem at some point during the tour.


Sunday is ParaMOBlympic games. A series of events that are a lot of fun for the participants, despite not earning the attention from the international media that it deserves. All events are team events. With teams being decided based on remaining participants

Event: Blindfolded Beer Tasting.

Description: Teams select a player to taste 3 beers blindfolded and name them

Event: Triple Jump Skull

Description: For the other three team members not participating in Blindfolded beer tasting. 3 different drinks will be selected for you to skull.

Event: Middy Boat Race

Description: 4 players. 4 middies. Head to head with another team.

Event: The Cement Mixer Hold

Description: One person from each team has to keep in their mouth a shot of cement mixer for the longest time possible. The winner is the last person to either hold it in their mouth or last man to swallow. Running or jumping can be introduced to make it faster. Like push ups or burpees

Event: Lawn Bowls

Description: It’s lawn bowls.