You may recall we recently announced the MOB 2015 Byron Bay Sevens Tour Theme.

Never before have we seen such a response to a proposed tour activity (but then again, never before have we actually asked for a response).

Nonetheless, the proposed MOB World Cup at this year’s Byron Bay Sevens has generated plenty of interest, anticipation and soon-to-be angst, as we reveal the 20 activities to complete your MOB World Cup passport.

Thanks to all that provided input – we’ve basically included parts of ALL suggestions we received, which has this author trembling in his drinking boots.

More details will be provided in due course because frankly, we’re making this up as we go along. Suffice to say though, it will involve dice, stamps, songs, paint, playing cards and who knows what else.

So strap yourself in and read the 2015 MOB World Cup Activities:

Argentina Argentina Enjoy a nice glass of Argentinian red wine.
 Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.09.35 pm Australia Have a middy of Gold with a Meat Pie
 Canada Canada Drink at least 30ml of Maple Syrup
England England Drink any English bitter. Warm. Whilst staying in the pool.
 Fiji Fiji Drink a bottle of Fiji Bitter. With a Fijian.
France France Eat a pastry fully showing it is not still filling the mouth before drinking a Kronenbourg 1664.

This is a time trial (Tour De France style)

 Georgia Georgia Drink any beer out of a can. With a can of tuna.
Ireland Ireland Drink a pint of Guinness with a Jameson chaser.
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.14.51 pm Italy Drink a Frangelico
 Japan Japan Enjoy an ice cold Asahi with six mini sushi rolls
 Namibia Namibia Windhoek is the national beer of Namibia. Good luck finding one and drinking it.
 New_Zealand New Zealand Eat a Kiwi Fruit then drink a Steinlager bro in liss then suxty siconds.
 Romania Romania Find or create your own Tuica

(a very strong fermented prune liqueur)


 Samoa Samoa To represent the Samoan Jersey, any blue alcoholic drink
 Scotland Scotland “A single malt whisky thank you bartender!”
South_Africa South Africa Castle and Biltong
Tonga Tonga Anything alcoholic drink involving, or ideally out of, a pineapple, coconut or watermelon
United_States United States Get a Budweiser, then create flavour by adding your hot dog. Mix.
 Uruguay Uruguay 1. Drink a wine and fruit juice. 2. When required, hug the closest male non-MOB member.
 Wales Wales Have a beer with two or more heavier lasses (Whales, get it?)